About Shelly

I grew up hiking and exploring in the mountains and deserts of Oregon and Idaho. After working several years as a seasonal CRM Archaeologist for the US Forest Service, I moved south to Salt Lake City, UT in 1994 and began working as a staff archaeologist for an environmental consulting firm. I spent the next four years working in SE Utah and the Great Basin. I often found myself returning to the project areas on my days off to hike, camp, and explore on my own, searching for the traces of everyday life left behind by the ancient peoples that lived there centuries ago.

Since moving to Boulder, CO in 1998 I have continued to return to the Southwest to explore and learn. In 2005, I was honored to be selected to work as a BLM seasonal ranger at the Kane Gulch ranger station on Cedar Mesa, UT. This experience did even more to fuel my passion for the desert southwest and to reinforce in me the need to see this fragile environment – and the archaeological treasures therein – preserved and protected. The archaeological resources located on our public lands are just that: Public. People have a right to visit them.

One of the goals of Visiting the Ancients is to assist people in gaining an understanding of just how delicate and irreplaceable these sites and artifacts are. With that, it is possible to visit and explore these sites without causing any negative impact. In other words: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

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