Che Caldo!!!

I think this may be the sweatiest(it is now a word) I have ever been! The humidity has gone up again but, we may be in for a thunderstorm tonight – keeping my fingers crossed for that. Didn’t get on yesterday to blog – there was another schedule change and we all sat around wasting our free time in the afternoon, waiting for the PI’s to decide what we were supposed to be doing. We started working in the Tavern of the Lararium (normally closed to the public). There ended up being a restaurant in back with several dining rooms – we have to document anything relating to food or drink so, we spent all day there. I can’t explain how it feels to have access to these houses and taverns and temples that no one gets to see. It is really amazing!
I made first contact with the hotel cat. His name is Gatto, as far as I can tell… we touched finger to nose and decided that we were okay with each other. He then tried to take off with my pass to the scavi.

Last night Bob gave a great lecture on the proper Vitruvian house and how there really aren’t very many. I’m getting my $$ worth here!

Today we mapped the underground kitchen for the restaurant we looked at yesterday and we stumbled into a room with an intact horse skeleton. It is all assembled and placed on a platform. The stable boy however, was unceremoniously piled in a corner. Bob sort of fell into a cistern in the kitchen. Luckily, it has mostly filled with debris. They think the back area was used as a pottery shop. Am hoping the photos I took will turn out alright. There is a lion’s head downspout in the peristyle garden. Kind of unusual… We finished the day in the scavi in a fairly big villa with a very nice tetrastyle atrium. The dining room frescoes are fantastic. This house belonged to L.V.P. (Lucius Velius something something)and his wife. We found a huge lead water tank in one room and the remains of what may be the owners. Again, they were sort of piled in the tablinum. At least someone had the decency to put them on a pallet. Tomorrow we start down by the Garden of the Fugitives and work west. Can’t wait to see what we find down there.

Ci vediamo!

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