The internet lives!

I found a working internet point – I had to travel all the way to Positano to find it but, it works. Actually, I’m on my way to Minori (just past Amalfi) to photograph a triclinium in an excavated villa there for the project director. The custodi decided they didn’t need to strike yesterday so, we got to work.
We had a small break in the temperature, still humid but a breeze came up. The scavi dogs have decided that we belong to them – they follow us from house to house and nap while we work (very Italian). We’ve moved to the industrial section of of the city. We documented a possible wine shop next to a really cool fabric dye factory. None of us had seen anything quite like it. Amy says they use a similar set up in Morocco. From there we moved on to a kitchen in a villa, next door to a fuller’s (toga laundering) shop. That must’ve been pleasant – they cleaned them with a mix of boiling hot urine and potash – mmmmm, yummy.

The afternoon work session was all data entry. They are trying to teach me photoshop stuff. I spent 2 hours trying to clean up the floorplan maps after they are scanned in. Nobody screamed or freaked so, I must not have screwed it up too much.

The last piece of missing luggage finally arrived – She got here on Sunday!! Oh, yesterday there was a bunch of college students in the scavi wearing togas – trash bag togas. It was well, interesting. We weren’t sure what statement they were trying to make.

Last night I learned that it is quite unpleasant to snort limoncello out your nose while laughing. I also learned that it is very difficult to paint a racoon’s tail with white house paint. Ask me later. Right now I need to catch my boat to Amalfi. Take care everyone!


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