Last Day in Pompeii

Just finished up my last day of work on the project. I take a train up to Roma in the morning. The collapsable villa didn’t collapse! The garden was incredible, even being surrounded by scaffolding. They’ve reconstructed the upper floor surrounding the atrium so you get a good feel for how the interior would have looked. Very light and airy. The custodi would only allow 2 people in at a time so it took forever to document. From there we moved out into the sun to a roofless caupona (commercial restaurant) with several dining rooms and a couple features that nobody could identify. Once the homeschool twins started turning purple, the principles called it done for the day. I took a side street to walk through the amphitheater and from there went to pay one last visit to The Fugitives. Don’t worry y’all, I’ll be back next year…

I’ve got some maps to photoshop in this afternoon then I’m heading for a poolside deck chair in the shade, with my ipod. Yesterday it was MM’s Sugarfoot. Maybe this afternoon the Cowboy Junkies. BTW Michelle M, if you see this, you’re a hit with the crew now.

Well, am about to time out on my internet connection here. Will try to get online in Roma in the next day or two.

A piu tardi!

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