Another day another milk crate…

Still trying to wrap up with the scrubbing. Our levels are almost done, maybe after tomorrow… We are still finding some great epigraphs – many of them look like they were just painted. The “C” level team came up with an Oriental globular form with red lettering instead of black. That is the first one this year and the Maestro was beside himself. They also identified another Consular name – “Torquatus “. In 128 AD there was a L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas that served as Consul. It may be him.  They hesitate to say with 100% certainty. It would fit with the other possible Consular name we found last week – Flacus. That name also appears on the Consul list around that time.

Last night we continued on with our gastronomy tour/tiramisu competition. For whatever reason, Toni seems to be addicted to tiramisu. We try a different restaurant every night and have the tiramisu for desert. No two have been alike! Last night was very good – dinner and all. I ordered carbonara for the first time and am now hooked. I’ve also grown quite fond of amatriciana. We are off to a new place tonight – being this close to Trastevere has it’s advantages. I could spend a month here just eating! The Trastevere area in Rome is famous for food. You’ll be hard pressed to screw up there. Everything is good. For something sweet, my favorite is Giolitti. It is a bit too far from here for an after work gelato, but it’s perfect for a day off. I think we have a new pizza place to knock off the list tonight. I still REFUSE to order anything with anchovies on it – even if they are local and fresh. I may be brave and try the pizza with the egg on it. It just seems so… unnatural.

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