I Finded The Internets!

I’m here and, even better, the hotel has wireless!  The flight was fine, delayed out of Denver, then on-time from Atlanta to Rome.  Our hotel is 2 blocks from the Pyramid – C. Cestius’ tomb.  I found coffee and gelato right across the street.  I’m in my happy place!  Toni, the crew director for the project, took us on a short walk-around tour of the neighborhood.  Monte Testaccio is like nothing you’ll see anyplace else.  It is a 35m high pile of carefully stacked potsherds.  It was built up over time as olive oil, shipped primarily from Spain, was off-loaded from boats on the Tiber.  After transferring the contents of the amphorae, they were broken and piled up here on, what is now called, Monte Testaccio.  Apparently, there is NO dirt involved in this excavation – there just isn’t any dirt at all! The pieces of pottery are taken out by hand and washed and catalogued.  Toni says that we’ll be sorting and cleaning fragments this week.  Next week we draw, photograph and archive.  We’ll all get to take a turn trying to piece them back together.  Guess I should’ve spent more time this summer practicing on jig-saw puzzles…

Off to find pizza.  Toni swears the best pizza in Roma is a block from here.  We’ll see….

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  1. Lyn says:

    And you said puzzles were for old people!

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