The Toxic Avenger

Today was, for some inexplicable reason, the dirtiest day we’ve had.  It may be  due in part to the fact that they’ve upped the acid content in the first bath.  Apparently we aren’t moving fast enough and the directors want to “help” us along.  We are all covered in dried acid foam and mud.  I got some interesting looks at the grocery store…  We look like a bunch of horror film extras.  We’re suddenly finding very large fragments – intact necks with both handles, bases up to the mid point on the body – all still from Hadrian’s lifetime.  I think we’re done digging for the season.  The reconstruction specialist came and began work today.  He draws each large fragment then figures out how they fit together.  If we catch up to where the digging crew left off, we get to help him.  Nero was hanging out with Sergi today.  He follows him all over the place with his head tilted to one side.  I think Sergio might have fed him leftovers on Saturday, thus the fascination.  I may have to buy a piece of fish for lunch tomorrow just to win him over…

When they told us to bring work shoes we didn’t mind throwing away at the end of the project, they weren’t kidding!  These things won’t be allowed back into the States, let alone on an airplane.  My hands are nice and soft though:)

One of the team members lost her wallet in Ostia Antica.  This is her first time out of the USA, so she’s now totally traumatized.  She still has another month of traveling around Italy to do.  In boca del lupo.

Is there a word for the type of homicide one would commit when taking out a group of loud, irritating people from New Jersey?  A pack of them moved into our hotel last night and they are driving us crazy, especially the Spanish members of the team.  They don’t have anything really like that in Barcelona.  They seem to understand that all Americans aren’t from NJ, but we Americani do find it a bit embarrassing.  Angel asked me what “oh moi gohwad” meant.  I didn’t laugh because he was serious.  I wouldn’t be nearly as irritated by them, but one of them noticed my NO McCain!/Vote for Obama button and made a derisive remark.  Well, Va Fonculo to you too!!

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