Leaving Tomorrow!

Another year has come and gone!  We fly out of Denver tomorrow morning; an easy train ride from Roma to Napoli; another train to Pompeii and thus begins the 2009 season of the Pompeii Food and Drink Project.  I had so much fun last year that I convinced Lyn to return with me!  We’ll spend two weeks working as volunteers, documenting food and drink related sites within the ancient city of Pompeii.  Buried by pyroclastic flows resulting from the 79 AD eruption of Il Vesuvio, Pompeii is one of the best preserved ancient Roman sites anywhere!  The project focuses on any features within the ancient city relating to the preparation, consumption and/or sale of food and beverages.  Last year was fantastic and I fully expect this year to be no less exciting.  I’ll try to log on regularly to update the blog, so stay tuned!

Ciao tutti!


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  1. Antoni says:

    Hi Shelly!

    I wish I could come with you to that trip and project in Pompeii!
    Good look and peaceful travel, hope to see you again soon in our favourite country!


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