The weekend!!

We are taking advantage of the weekend here.  Yesterday we made our way to Sorrento, hopped on a ferry and headed to Positano.  We’re both very excited.  We found Geronimo Stilton!!  You may have seen his picture from our last trip to Positano.  He’s a very handsome tabby we met 2 years ago.  He’s all grown up now and in charge of the Water Taxi office.  We found gelato (of course), and did a bit of beach-coming. Our friend Otavio is still working at the little wine shop in Sorrento.  He was very happy to see us, offered us some limoncello and told us about an ancient Roman site in a town called “Conza”, about one hour from here.

We went into modern Pompei town for dinner: Dei Platani.  We ate there almost every night when we were here two years ago with Becky and Jaye.

The restaurant here at the hotel is very good, but they never make arrabbiata or gnocchi!  Lyn was going through withdrawal and I needed my “angry pasta”.  I’m better now and can eat here tonight…

Today we went back into the scavi with Sera to help her with her field work.  She’s working on her PhD on Pompeian shops and we got to help her take photos. We crawled into a very dark cistern and Sera got attacked by stinging nettles.  We were accosted only twice by tourists asking what we were doing, could we give them tours, and does archaeology pay well?  Hah!

A few minutes in the pool to cool off and now I’m contemplating my next gelato conquest.  Maybe coconut this time….

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