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After I posted to the blog last night, we had a minor accident. One of our team-members slipped on some wet tile at the entrance to the dining room and fell. A trip to the emergency room in Stabiae and five stitches later, he was up and running. He led the PI’s on a tour of the Herculaneum theater today.

This afternoon on the way back to the train station, Lyn and I discovered that the new “virtual museum” in Ercolano actually IS open for business and well worth the 7 Euro admission price. There are several, very well done, interactive exhibits throughout the museum, all relating to the archaeological finds in the Vesuvian area.

We were able to take advantage of the pool after we got back to the hotel today. I think we might even be able to eat outside tonight. We’ve had rain/thunder-storms almost daily here. It cools it off but, doesn’t make for nice swimming weather after work. I know, I know, “Poor me!!!”

Tomorrow is the last day in the scavi for Lyn and myself (this year, anyway). I think we’ll finish up where we left off yesterday – the house with the family portrait/lararium. As for dinner tonight? I keep forgetting. I think the choices might have been orrechiette with pesto something, or linguine with tomato sauce and mystery meat. I’m having the pesto…

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  1. Lori says:

    Hi, I have submitted my name for the 2010 visit to Pompeii! I am really excited to have come across this opportunity. I found your blog on line and was very intereted to read it 1) to be sure it was legit and 2) to find out how you like it. Sounds like you loved it. I will to, it is absolutely my idea of a great vacation. I will be on my own, so will be quite an adventure I’m sure.
    if you have any tips for me you can e-mail me at
    p.s. Enjoyed your blog.

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