A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

While it took a while to get started today–the PI’s spent several hours discussing the various attributes of the structure–we began and ended our day working in an ancient lamp factory, adjacent gardens and shop.

Hurry up and wait...

My team (Anne and Joseph) are great! This is their first time to Pompeii and I very much enjoyed watching their reactions when we all walked into the Forum. It is awe-inspiring, even after 50+ visits. It never gets old. We spent the first part of the day following Kevin Hill on an “architectural” tour of Pompeii. We then made our way to Region 1, Insulae 20, Door 1 to begin work. We soon learned that we were working with a wine shop, vineyard space and a lamp factory, complete with 2 large kilns and a very nice masonry triclinium in the garden, behind the kiln room.

Lamp kiln...

The function of some of the rooms was a bit “ambiguous”, to say the least, so it took us longer than normal to wrap things up. There was a cool, roofed atrium to hang out in, so waiting was not a problem. If you have to sit around and wait for people, what better place to do it than Ancient Pompeii.

Tomorrow we start in the Garden of the Fugitives. Normally, I go there once each time I visit Pompeii to pay my respects in the evening, after the tourists have left and it’s nice and peaceful. I have a feeling this won’t be that type of visit tomorrow.

Kiln floor

I’ll post pictures from today and tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon. In the evening, the bandwidth isn’t so good and I don’t want to sit here for an hour waiting for things to upload. Mi dispiace!!

Garden "Triclinium" in the lamp factory

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