A week in Pompeii, and the weekend…

We started and ended Friday working in the Villa of Octavius Quartio: near the far end of the Abbondanza, with a very large garden complete with an ornamental canal.

Fountain in the garden of the House of Octavio Quartio

Again, we were working around the tourists, who seemed determined to walk in front of the cameras, step on the measuring tapes and kick around the feature number tags. It all adds to the experience.

It took a while to get started. After a well-done, on the fly lecture/tour of the amphitheater with Rob Brown, we marched down to the villa and staked out our various features. I got to map/draw a large dining room decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from both the life of Herakles (I should say Hercules since we are in the Roman world here) and scenes from the Trojan war. One scene showing Achilles dragging a very dead Hector around the walls of Troy behind his chariot was particularly intriguing.

Achilles and Hector

From there, I was out onto the street side of the house, mapping a large shop space attached to the house, that may or may not have been related to food and/or drink. A tiny door leading back to a small room containing a little brick oven was a clue, however nobody but myself seemed convinced that it was actually an oven.

The Amazing "Non-Oven" Oven

After spending over a year researching everything I could find on brick, cob, cement and masonry ovens, I think I can recognize one when I see it. But, I digress…

From there we moved onto lunch. I’ve developed an addiction to LemonSoda, and will have a difficult time leaving it. San Pellegrino makes one that’s close, but not spot on.

Napping by the marina

Saturday we headed for Sorrento, then Almalfi, then Minori for some hiking with Margherita and Linda. It was probably the sweatiest hiking I’ve ever done, but the views from the trail overlooking the Amalfi Coast are worth every drop. Just keep hydrated as you go along, drop into the shade when it presents itself and keep a slow steady pace.

How many stairs? A typical "trail" along the Amalfi Coast

You’ll be fine. We really had the transportation gods on our side. We hit the train platform 2 minutes before the train to Sorrento arrived, walked down to the marina in time for only a short wait for the ferry to Amalfi, then timed the bus to Minori perfectly. I know I owe someone a sacrifice or two, but I’m not sure to whom…

You have reached your destination.

Trail signs...

Amphora anyone?

Sunday has been fairly casual: quick run into the scavi to explore the House of Menander (a whole blog unto itself), lunch, a little pool time, laundry and some blogging. We have a group meeting at 6pm to meet the newbies and then dinner. Tomorrow is the start of a new week–hopefully, a bit more efficient than last week. Time will tell…

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2 Responses to A week in Pompeii, and the weekend…

  1. Sera says:

    Ah, sigh.
    It IS an oven!!!! A very nice one too! It may have been used in other activities requiring heat, but it’s a pretty good oven.
    Sera xx
    p.s. Miss you guys!

  2. I know – I’d love to build one for the backyard, it could go next to the pizza oven! We miss you too!!!

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