Homeward Bound

I’ve passed the 2000 viewer mark with my blog!!  Thanks everybody for your interest.  As of this morning we are on our way home, with a stop in Roma this afternoon/evening.   We are home tomorrow night and I am ready to take a stand-up shower, sit with a couple of my cats on my lap and sleep in my own bed!

We had a decent season: 24 structures, 212 features and I don’t know how many plan drawings–not too shabby. Things were a bit slower due to the properties we had to work in during week two.

Wrapping things up on the final day

The large, ambiguous horticultural spaces have a tendency to slow things down at the start.  The principle investigators (Team 1) have to come to an agreement, or at least a majority, on what a space or feature was used for.  When the room or feature is badly deteriorated, or doesn’t fit any of the pre-determined criteria for a use category, it gets tossed into the “Other” pile, and then the “scholarly” debate begins.

We had a very nice day on Friday, some went back into the scavi to tour the Suburban Baths and the House of the Prince of Naples, the rest of us packed up supplies/equipment and then lazed around the pool.  A very nice dinner, a game of cards, a shot of limoncello and a few evening “farewells” were about it for Friday.

The Pantheon

Today we caught a very delayed train to Roma, checked into our B&B and then hit the streets.  We headed for the Pantheon after lunch, immediately running into Rob–not difficult to imagine, Rob Brown exploring antiquities in Roma.

Napping at Torre Argentina

We teamed up and headed for Giolitti for afternoon gelato.  Wandered around to the Piazza Navona and found an open door that led to an overlook of the entrance to the remains of the Circus of Domitian.  We admired the piazza and it’s fountains and then parted ways near the Campo dei Fiori.  Safe travels Rob!  Call us when you get to the States!

Tribute to Marcus Aurelius

After a shower which, after dealing with a bathtub and a hand-held hose for 2 weeks, was AMAZING we wandered across the street to RomAntica for dinner.  If you want a good place to eat, great staff, nice wine list and very good prices, look them up online.  I highly recommend!  My once-yearly serving of pasta carbonara is a guilty pleasure that I reserve only for Italy.  I’ve never found anything even close at home.  RomAntica does it very well, while I also like the carbonara at La Gallina Bianca.  It isn’t something you would want to eat frequently: bacon, eggs, cream, pasta…  Do your arteries ache yet?  I’ll hit the gym first thing on Monday and burn it off.

Wish us luck with the trains, planes and automobiles tomorrow.  We should be home in time to feed the felines, grab another “stand-up” shower (sad when taking a shower becomes a novelty) and sleep for 12 hours or so.  I’m already planning my next voyage to Caput Mundi–next year…

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