Possible UT state park closures, including Edge of the Cedars!

Unfortunately the bulk of the article is spent focusing on the potential loss of a golf course.  The Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding has one of the largest collections of ancient Puebloan artifacts anywhere, and a stabilized Chacoan Great House that is open to the public.  The Field House Museum in Vernal is a great museum, especially for a rural town in Utah – one of the better paleontological exhibits I’ve seen outside of the “big city” natural history museums.  If you have been to either one, you know what I’m talking about.  If they actually do cut funding and close these museums, the loss will be huge – not just to the people living in their communities but to everyone interested in American history/prehistory.

By Tom WhartonThe Salt Lake TribuneFirst published Jan 19 2011 03:01PMUpdated Jan 20, 2011 07:00PMAs news of the possible closure of five Utah state parks trickled down to communities that rely on them for employment, tourism dollars and recreation, employees were in tears and residents tried to grapple with losing facilities they hold dear.“We’re crying,” said Valerie Newland, a seasonal worker at Green River State Park’s golf course, which joined Blanding’s Edge of the Cedars, Vernal’s Utah Field House Museum, Fillmore’s Territorial Statehouse and Cedar City’s Frontier Homestead on a legislative audit’s list of money-losing facilities that should be closed. “There are 850 people in this town, and the course provides a few nice little jobs. For six or eight families, this is going to wipe us out. We rely on this.”

via Utah state park supporters outraged by possible closures | The Salt Lake Tribune.

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