The Roman Forum

Forum Romanum

Located at the center of the modern city of Rome, the Forum was the heart of the ancient Roman Republic, the focal point of religious, commercial, judiciary and political life.  The oldest public structures to be found in the city are here, in the Forum.  The “zero” mile marker, the hub of the Roman road system, is found here.  Despite the crowds of tourists and school groups it is easy to lose oneself to history in the Forum, walking the ancient pavement of the Via Sacra, past the remains of monumental columns, temples, judicial buildings and the Curia.  As you walk along, you are following the route of the Roman Triumph–the procession/parade granted to military commanders upon their return from some great military victory–the same route taken by the likes of Pompey the Great, Julius Ceasar and Augustus.   To visit the Forum you’ll need to purchase the €12 ticket, which will also give you access to the Colosseum and the Palatine hill.  It is definitely worth the cost of admission!


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