Today’s Photo: Roman Brick Stamp From Ostia

An ancient Roman brick stamp.

Beginning around the middle first century BC, Roman brick makers began to stamp their bricks with identifying marks.  By the first century AD, urban brick stamps included the names of the Consuls for that year.  This brick, found in Ostia Antica, is stamped with the Consular names Paetinus and Apronianus–Consuls in the year AD 123.

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2 Responses to Today’s Photo: Roman Brick Stamp From Ostia

  1. Could you please tell me where exactly in Ostia can this be found? Thanks!

  2. Hi Victor,
    I believe this one was on a brick, in an exposed section (accessible) of hypocaust, in the Terme di Nettuno. Unfortunately, I can’t dial it down much more than that. Sorry!


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