A CRM survey – somewhere along the Bookcliffs…

I’ve been working with a crew on a pedestrian, archaeolgical survey project for the last week and a half, below Utah’s Bookcliffs. It’s been hot, dry and dusty, and beautiful! During the first session we documented one Paleoindian site, one Archaic site, a Clovis point, dozens of condensed milk cans and even stumbled across a burrowing owl. We suffered through one flat tire (sort of a requirement for this line of work), glitchy Trimbles and more than a few arroyo crossings.

Today marked the start of our second session. After an early (6:00am) start from Denver, we hit the field for a half day of survey–the 98 degree portion of the day. Nothing to note from today, except for a few cans and one hammerstone. There is one thing that strikes me a bit odd–there is a grasshopper “plague” out here, a “biblical” one. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. There are clouds of them, everywhere, jumping on you, sticking to you with their little velcro feet. Tomorrow we’ll probably move into an area with a bit more “topography” and a higher site potential, and fewer grasshoppers. We’ll see…

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