Day 5: 16.5 miles!

We cranked out over 16 miles today.  Well, 13 miles of actual survey and an additional 3.5 of going around arroyos and shifting over for each new transect.  We accomplished this while dodging the thunderstorms that were surrounding us on all sides.  

Unlike yesterday, we didn’t record a single site.  Lots of isolated cans and one projectile point, but no sites.  I didn’t have to open my iPad once!  I may have actually gone through withdrawal.

Like yesterday, we had several arroyos to maneuver around, including one filled with the obligatory Russian thistle barrier.  We all made it out of the field alive, AND we found a pile of Fremont corrugated potsherds at the very end of the day.  We’ll begin the day tomorrow recording those and move on from there.  I knew there was pottery out there, I could smell it…

Right now, all I have the energy to do is crack a beer and eat my left-over cold pizza from last night.  Going out someplace to eat would involve walking, and I already did my walking for the day.




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