201109117211 | BLM archaeologists unearth significant find in NCA

Debated posting the link to this article due to an interesting statement/possible typo by the author (the Fremont were Caucasian? Who Knew?!?), but it is an exciting find and worth a read:

Delta County Independent

The Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area (NCA) a popular destination for hikers, hunters and fishermen also contains a number of prehistoric sites that have excited BLM archaeologists Glade Hadden and Carol Patterson.

Photo by Pat Sunderland

One of those sites, the Gunnison River Rock Art Site, is tucked into the rocky ledges overlooking the Gunnison River.

The overhang downstream from the Gunnison River Pleasure Park is covered with archaic rock art. The deer and elk scratched into the sandstone are like a big sign that says, “Stop, eat here,” Hadden says.

via 201109117211 | BLM archaeologists unearth significant find in NCA.

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