Aztec Ruins Vandalized

AZTEC — Last weekend, vandals entered Aztec Ruins and caused several thousand dollars’ worth of damage to the ancient site.

At least two individuals entered the ruins and proceeded to climb over fragile walls and enter closed ruin rooms. In one area, they attempted to break into a locked hatch which protected original plaster and roofing.

While the vandals were unsuccessful at efforts to enter this room, they were able to climb into some of the most fragile areas of the site, damaging one of the large beams and breaking another 900-year-old ceiling beam.

Rangers at the ruins continue to discover areas which were entered and damaged by the vandals, who have yet to be identified.

“This regrettable event reminds us how important it is for the community work together to protect this important World Heritage site, which means so much to all of us,” said Park Guide Cyresa Bloom in an e-mailed statement. “We depend on vigilant neighbors to help us keep watch on this special place.”

via At least 2 vandalize ruins – Farmington Daily Times.

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