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  • Colosseum cleaning yields old frescos/graffiti

    ROME —A long-delayed restoration of the Colosseum’s only intact internal passageway has yielded ancient traces of red, black, green and blue frescoes — as well as graffiti and drawings of phallic symbols — indicating that the arena where gladiators fought was far more colorful than previously thought.Officials unveiled the discoveries Friday and said the passageway […]

  • Today’s Photo: The Pantheon at Night

    Built by Marcus Agrippa in 27 BC, on the Campus Martius (Field of Mars), the original Pantheon burned during a large fire in 80 AD.  Soon after the fire, it was rebuilt by Domitian, only to be burned again in 110 AD.  The current structure, likely designed by Trajan’s architect Apollodorus of Damascus, is credited […]

  • Today’s Photo: Flavian Amphitheater in Rome (The Colosseum)

    Building on the site of the Emperor Nero’s private lake, the construction of the Amphitheatrum Flavium (Flavian Amphitheater) was begun in 72 AD by the Emperor Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus, and was completed 8 years later by his successor, and son, Titus. Today it is usually referred to as “The Colosseum”–likely referring to the […]

  • Today’s Photo: Pons Aemilius, The Ponte Rotto, Rome

      Located immediately downstream from Tiber Island, the Ponte Rotto (Broken Bridge) was originally erected during the 3rd century BC.  The bridge was likely constructed as part of the Via Aurelia, the road to Etruria.  The visible remains seen today are all that is left of the structure, rebuilt in the late 1st century BC […]

  • Today’s Photo: Gameboard in the Roman Forum, Rome

    Several of these gameboards can be found scattered about the Roman Forum, in Rome.  This one is etched into the steps of the Basilica Julia.

  • The Roman Forum

    Located at the center of the modern city of Rome, the Forum was the heart of the ancient Roman Republic, the focal point of religious, commercial, judiciary and political life.  The oldest public structures to be found in the city are here, in the Forum.  The “zero” mile marker, the hub of the Roman road […]

  • Public restrooms in the Ancient Roman world

    A shy, private person would not have an easy time of things in ancient Rome.  Bathing was typically conducted as a group activity, the baths of Caracalla in the city of Rome could accommodate upwards of 1600 bathers, and “going to the powder room” was often a group effort as well.  Rome gave us lots […]

  • 201008184833 | Ancient Roman Map Puzzle May Get New Pieces

    Discovery News Several pieces of the world’s oldest and largest unsolved jigsaw puzzle, a 2,200 year old map of Rome made of thousands of marble fragments, could be unearthed next year following construction work for a new metro line near Rome’s majestic forum area. Forma Urbis “This is a unique occasion to excavate the Forum […]

  • Sonar Scanners Find Ancient Wrecks Off Italian Coast

    Sonar Scanners Find Ancient Wrecks Off Italian CoastROME REUTERS.- A team of marine archaeologists using sonar scanners have discovered four ancient shipwrecks off the tiny Italian island of Zannone, with intact cargoes of wine and oil.The remains of the trading vessels, dating from the first century BC to the 5th-7th century AD, are up to […]

  • One last look at Rome…

    It seems that I’ve recovered from my jet-lag.  This year it was especially bad.  There are actually gaps in my memory from last week.  I took all the right precautions: regular sleep schedule, time in the sun, exercise, lots of water, no alcohol, no naps etc.  I can recount every minute of our last day: […]

  • Homeward Bound

    I’ve passed the 2000 viewer mark with my blog!!  Thanks everybody for your interest.  As of this morning we are on our way home, with a stop in Roma this afternoon/evening.   We are home tomorrow night and I am ready to take a stand-up shower, sit with a couple of my cats on my lap […]

  • Day 2 in Pompeii

    Hmm, we had hoped at the cl0se of the workday, yesterday, that today would run a bit smoother.  Well, we were off to another “slow” start.  The drawing team did not get it’s first assignment until after 10:30.  Apparently, the neighborhood where we’re working contains a lot of ambiguous spaces: see below. We started out […]

  • A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

    A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

    While it took a while to get started today–the PI’s spent several hours discussing the various attributes of the structure–we began and ended our day working in an ancient lamp factory, adjacent gardens and shop. My team (Anne and Joseph) are great! This is their first time to Pompeii and I very much enjoyed watching […]

  • We’re here… Siamo qui…

    We’re here… Siamo qui…

    Nothing of any archaeological interest to report on today. This morning: a typical “Roman breakfast” (coffee, cornetto and some fruit juice), drag our bags for 10 minutes, past the church to the Termini (main railway station). After I managed to ward off a very “helpful” guy trying to assist tourists with the automatic ticket machines–of […]

  • Ostia Antica…

    Ostia Antica…

    Wow!  The summer the trains heading out of Rome for the beach, are packed!  Unfortunately, Ostia Antica (the ancient port town at the mouth of the Tiber) lies 3 stops on the line before you get to the beach.  Luckily, it’s only a 30 minute trip.  Once you get there, you’ll soon realize that it […]