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Amphora in Pompeii

Still partially encased in volcanic material from the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, this amphora is tucked in the corner of a small garden in Pompeii, Italy.

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A week in Pompeii, and the weekend…

We started and ended Friday working in the Villa of Octavius Quartio: near the far end of the Abbondanza, with a very large garden complete with an ornamental canal. Again, we were working around the tourists, who seemed determined to … Continue reading

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We did it!! We finished with the scrubbing. The last crate went in at 4:00 and we had everything put away by 5. As a reward for our effort, the archaeologist working in the new market location across the street took us on a tour of his site. It’s huge! There are Claudian horrea (warehouses) in one corner and across the lot, walls dating to Trajan. Continue reading

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The Toxic Avenger

Today was, for some inexplicable reason, the dirtiest day we’ve had. It may be due in part to the fact that they’ve upped the acid content in the first bath. Apparently we aren’t moving fast enough… Continue reading

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Steady the ladder!

There is an inscription on the Via Del’Abbondanza announcing a weekend of gladiatorial games, wild beast hunts, and musicians. It comes complete with misters to keep the crowd cool and an awning to block the sun. It tells us the name of the man that sponsored it and how much he spent. The last sentence reads – “Lantern holder, steady the ladder”. Continue reading

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