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Today’s Photo: Amphorae in Pompeii

Amphorae in a garum factory in Pompeii These amphorae were cleaned and stacked in the corner, waiting be filled with fish sauce, when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.  Needless to say, the fish sauce deliveries for that week were “delayed.”

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Vote for Julius Polybius: He makes good bread!

If you have seen any documentary, movie or read anything about Ancient Pompeii, you are probably familiar with the house of Julius Polybius (english spelling). It is NEVER EVER open to anybody, not even visiting archaeologists! Today, Prof. Lowe sweetalked his way into the villa with Lyn, myself, Rob and Mary in tow. I am, to use a good British phrase, gobsmacked! Continue reading

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We did it!! We finished with the scrubbing. The last crate went in at 4:00 and we had everything put away by 5. As a reward for our effort, the archaeologist working in the new market location across the street took us on a tour of his site. It’s huge! There are Claudian horrea (warehouses) in one corner and across the lot, walls dating to Trajan. Continue reading

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We found a tile from a mosaic floor today, along with a clamshell and an amphorae base with the name Marini scratched into it. Lots of painted graffiti in the level we opened up – Hadrian was in power at the time… Continue reading

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Day One… Hurry up and wait!

Today was the start of the field season so, lots of brush clearing and stacking and re-stacking milk crates (they don’t put artifacts in bags here – big milk crates. The diggers started a new trench and found a bomb … Continue reading

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I Finded The Internets!

I’m here and, even better, the hotel has wireless!  The flight was fine, delayed out of Denver, then on-time from Atlanta to Rome.  Our hotel is 2 blocks from the Pyramid – C. Cestius’ tomb.  I found coffee and gelato … Continue reading

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