Tag: Ancient Rome

  • Photo of the Day: Roman Forum in Pompeii

  • Colosseum cleaning yields old frescos/graffiti

    ROME —A long-delayed restoration of the Colosseum’s only intact internal passageway has yielded ancient traces of red, black, green and blue frescoes — as well as graffiti and drawings of phallic symbols — indicating that the arena where gladiators fought was far more colorful than previously thought.Officials unveiled the discoveries Friday and said the passageway […]

  • Today’s Photo: The Pantheon at Night

    Built by Marcus Agrippa in 27 BC, on the Campus Martius (Field of Mars), the original Pantheon burned during a large fire in 80 AD.  Soon after the fire, it was rebuilt by Domitian, only to be burned again in 110 AD.  The current structure, likely designed by Trajan’s architect Apollodorus of Damascus, is credited […]

  • Today’s Photo: Pons Aemilius, The Ponte Rotto, Rome

      Located immediately downstream from Tiber Island, the Ponte Rotto (Broken Bridge) was originally erected during the 3rd century BC.  The bridge was likely constructed as part of the Via Aurelia, the road to Etruria.  The visible remains seen today are all that is left of the structure, rebuilt in the late 1st century BC […]

  • Today’s Photo: Roman Brick Stamp From Ostia

    Beginning around the middle first century BC, Roman brick makers began to stamp their bricks with identifying marks.  By the first century AD, urban brick stamps included the names of the Consuls for that year.  This brick, found in Ostia Antica, is stamped with the Consular names Paetinus and Apronianus–Consuls in the year AD 123.

  • Public restrooms in the Ancient Roman world

    A shy, private person would not have an easy time of things in ancient Rome.  Bathing was typically conducted as a group activity, the baths of Caracalla in the city of Rome could accommodate upwards of 1600 bathers, and “going to the powder room” was often a group effort as well.  Rome gave us lots […]

  • The Basilica of Pompeii

    In the ancient Roman world “Basilicas” were large public buildings that served as business centers, as well as law courts.  This basilica is located off of the Forum in Pompeii, Italy.  If you visit the ancient city of Pompeii, and enter via the Porta Marina gate, the Basilica is at the top of the hill, […]

  • The “Vitruvian” House vs. The “Prudden Unit”

    I’m in the mood to compare apples to oranges.  What better way than by looking at two site types that occurred roughly during the same time periods, but on opposite sides of the world.  There is a common site type you will see when visiting both the Four Corners region of the United States and various […]

  • Fine!

    We’re done! Two weeks of mapping, photographing and describing ancient Roman kitchens, taverns, food shops, cooking platforms, dining rooms, dining gardens, etc. One last day in Pompeii…