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  • A Trip to Long Fingers Ruin

    A Trip to Long Fingers Ruin

    In May of this year we met with a couple of friends from Seattle, Nancy and Pokey, and headed up Butler Wash to do some hiking on Comb Ridge.  This particular day our goal was Long Fingers Ruin–a medium sized, Pueblo III alcove site tucked away in one of the Comb’s numerous sandstone folds, named […]

  • One last look at Rome…

    It seems that I’ve recovered from my jet-lag.  This year it was especially bad.  There are actually gaps in my memory from last week.  I took all the right precautions: regular sleep schedule, time in the sun, exercise, lots of water, no alcohol, no naps etc.  I can recount every minute of our last day: […]

  • In Roma…

    In Roma…

    We survived our flight, noisy students and mediocre in-flight service aside.  When the airline asks you for feedback on your travel experience, do you think they REALLY mean that?  Anyway… Wednesday is mostly a blur.  We checked into our room at Trinity B&B: Huge room, very clean, a working fridge, free air-conditioning and they let […]

  • New Adventures…

    Next week’s blog will be posted the following week.  I am leaving for Canyonlands National Park this afternoon for a 6 day backpack into Salt Creek.  I expect to find lots of new blogging material while I’m there–Salt Creek is incredibly rich in archaeological as well as scenic resources.   Will be hauling camera and note-pad along with me.  Later!

  • Horseshoe Canyon aka. Barrier Canyon: My visit with the Holy Ghost.

    Horseshoe Canyon–also commonly referred to as Barrier Canyon–is part of Canyonlands National Park.  It lies between the San Rafael Swell to the west and the Green River to the east, in southern Utah.  In addition to it’s beauty and solitude Barrier Canyon offers some of the more spectacular rock art to be found–anywhere.  While the drive out to […]

  • Roadside Ruins ie. Drive-by Archaeology…

    I’ve had people ask me if there are any archaeological sites to visit that don’t require “hiking”.  My first instinct is to ask “Why wouldn’t you want to take a nice hike?  That’s part of the fun!”  Well, for many, hiking isn’t really an option — pre-existing injuries, a lack of fitness, a fear of snakes, vertigo, […]

  • Chimney Rock on track to becoming monument – KRDO.com Colorado Springs and Pueblo News, Weather and Sports

    Associated Press – January 16, 2010 1:54 PM ET PAGOSA SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – The Chimney Rock Archaeological Area may soon become a national monument. U.S. Rep. John Salazar's deputy press secretary, Edward Stern, says the congressman is working on crafting a bill. President Harry Truman in 1949 signed legislation protecting the archaeological rich area, […]


    Lyn and I discovered that the new “virtual museum” in Ercolano actually IS open for business and well worth the 7 Euro admission price. There are several, very well done, interactive exhibits throughout the museum, all relating to the archaeological finds in the Vesuvian area.

  • Week 1: Team 2!!

    Day one, delays, il supermercato and one hell of a thunderstorm…