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  • Two Pictograph Sites in Southern Utah

    There are literally thousands of petroglyph and pictograph sites in the Four Corners area.  I just revisited two of them this last weekend.  One painted on the roof and wall of an alcove overlooking a small canyon bottom; the other painted on the interior wall of a little circular room in a small cliff dwelling.  It had […]

  • A Southwest Archaeology reading list..

    I will probably never own a “digital reader” or “wireless reading device”.  I love books too much to ever consider trading in the feel of  a real one in my hands for the technological convenience of having hundreds of books downloaded onto an impersonal, cold plastic/glass shell: no pages to turn, no way to actually write notes in […]

  • Leaving Las Vegas….

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park, two great alternatives to the Vegas spectacle, complete with Archaic and Basketmaker rock art, and prehistoric agave roasting pits!