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Only two days left!!!

Today we were in Region I, Insulae 13 for a change of scenery. Finished up mapping in the toilet from yesterday. And, I managed to do it without smashing my skull again on the door lintel. The first couple of houses we looked at were fine, a very nice masonry dining couch (triclinium) in one and a vegetable garden/kitchen in the other. The grand finale for today was a house with a “sweet” masonry triclinium, under a grape-vine arbor, in a garden. The adjoining kitchen has an incredible (doesn’t actually do it justice) lararium painting depicting the entire family making sacrifice. The imagery includes food offerings, a mule with a pack, a camel with a pack, a sacrificial ox, wine jugs, and a god pouring libations onto the altar. The detail in the painting is amazing – ties on the sandals, facial features, etc Continue reading

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