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Another day another milk crate…

Our levels are almost done, maybe after tomorrow… We are still finding some great epigraphs – many of them look like they were just painted. The “C” level team came up with an Oriental globular form with red lettering instead of black. That is the first one this year and the Maestro was beside himself. They also identified another Consular name – “Torquatus “. In 128 AD there was a L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas that served as Consul… Continue reading

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Steady the ladder!

There is an inscription on the Via Del’Abbondanza announcing a weekend of gladiatorial games, wild beast hunts, and musicians. It comes complete with misters to keep the crowd cool and an awning to block the sun. It tells us the name of the man that sponsored it and how much he spent. The last sentence reads – “Lantern holder, steady the ladder”. Continue reading

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