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  • Photo of the Day: Roman Forum in Pompeii

  • A sweaty morning in the Forum

    Our first order of business today was a tour of the Roman Forum with Professor John Dobbins from the University of Virginia. He has spent many years researching every inch (visible and non) of this very large and important civic space and his tour is one of my favorite aspects of this project. Today he […]

  • No more eggplant…

    They are trying to kill me. Huge piles of eggplant, two nights in a row. The only problem being: I detest the eggplant. Never have been able to eat eggplant. It ranks up there with mushrooms and okra–icky. I’m just trying to clarify–I do not enjoy eggplant. As for the rest of today, everything up […]

  • A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

    A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

    While it took a while to get started today–the PI’s spent several hours discussing the various attributes of the structure–we began and ended our day working in an ancient lamp factory, adjacent gardens and shop. My team (Anne and Joseph) are great! This is their first time to Pompeii and I very much enjoyed watching […]

  • In Roma…

    In Roma…

    We survived our flight, noisy students and mediocre in-flight service aside.  When the airline asks you for feedback on your travel experience, do you think they REALLY mean that?  Anyway… Wednesday is mostly a blur.  We checked into our room at Trinity B&B: Huge room, very clean, a working fridge, free air-conditioning and they let […]

  • Sciopero!

    A strike, a personal tour of the Pompeian forum with John Dobbins and a lost writer with “inappropriate” footwear…

  • Finally, the Internet!

    Saturday: Sleep in, find cappuccino, pay respects to the “Fugitives” in the garden, walk through forum, go find gelato, jump in pool, La Lanterna in Sorrento for dinner. Today: sleep until 10:00, realize you’ve missed breakfast, find alternate cappuccino, help unload project storage room, take train to Sorrento again… Welcome to the Pompeii Food and Drink Project 2009.

  • One Day to Go!

    Putting the pieces together again… It’s not as easy as it might sound. Take six standard sized milk crates of broken crockery, mix them together and then spread them all on a long table.

  • The Eternal City

    I’m now in the Capitol of the Empire until Tuesday morning… I finally found THE best gelato in the world! Giolitti’s – kind of between the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Navona neighborhoods… I hiked up a very nice, tree-lined street to the church of St John Lateran. It is the oldest christian church standing in the world – built by Constantine himself in the late 3rd century…