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A Trip to Long Fingers Ruin

In May of this year we met with a couple of friends from Seattle, Nancy and Pokey, and headed up Butler Wash to do some hiking on Comb Ridge.  This particular day our goal was Long Fingers Ruin–a medium sized, … Continue reading

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Despite my love for rock climbing, I have a healthy respect for (fear of) heights.  It applies to myself and anybody standing nearby.  When walking to the edge of some canyon overlook, I will be the first person to say … Continue reading

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Only two days left!!!

Today we were in Region I, Insulae 13 for a change of scenery. Finished up mapping in the toilet from yesterday. And, I managed to do it without smashing my skull again on the door lintel. The first couple of houses we looked at were fine, a very nice masonry dining couch (triclinium) in one and a vegetable garden/kitchen in the other. The grand finale for today was a house with a “sweet” masonry triclinium, under a grape-vine arbor, in a garden. The adjoining kitchen has an incredible (doesn’t actually do it justice) lararium painting depicting the entire family making sacrifice. The imagery includes food offerings, a mule with a pack, a camel with a pack, a sacrificial ox, wine jugs, and a god pouring libations onto the altar. The detail in the painting is amazing – ties on the sandals, facial features, etc Continue reading

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