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Today’s photo: Public latrine, Ostia Antica

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Today’s Photo: Roman Brick Stamp From Ostia

Beginning around the middle first century BC, Roman brick makers began to stamp their bricks with identifying marks.  By the first century AD, urban brick stamps included the names of the Consuls for that year.  This brick, found in Ostia … Continue reading

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In Roma…

We survived our flight, noisy students and mediocre in-flight service aside.  When the airline asks you for feedback on your travel experience, do you think they REALLY mean that?  Anyway… Wednesday is mostly a blur.  We checked into our room … Continue reading

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The Toxic Avenger

Today was, for some inexplicable reason, the dirtiest day we’ve had. It may be due in part to the fact that they’ve upped the acid content in the first bath. Apparently we aren’t moving fast enough… Continue reading

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