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  • Today’s Photo: Ladder Petroglyph on Comb Ridge, UT

    This petroglyph panel is located in one of the numerous small canyons, on Comb Ridge in San Juan County, Utah.

  • Dinosaur National Monument Rock Art

    “Vernal Style” Fremont petroglyph panel found on the north side of Island Park Road, about 30 minutes from the Dinosaur National Monument Visitor Center. The dirt/gravel road is drivable with a passenger car, as long as it’s dry. The viewable rock art and scenery are worth the effort!

  • Pining for Chaco Canyon

    Situated in a dry, isolated canyon in northeastern New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historic Park is both a destination for those seeking solitude (unlike other, more “accessible” National Parks, according to the NPS Chaco only sees around 45,000 visitors annually) and a place to delve into the early history of the Four Corners region. Beginning […]

  • A Trip to Long Fingers Ruin

    A Trip to Long Fingers Ruin

    In May of this year we met with a couple of friends from Seattle, Nancy and Pokey, and headed up Butler Wash to do some hiking on Comb Ridge.  This particular day our goal was Long Fingers Ruin–a medium sized, Pueblo III alcove site tucked away in one of the Comb’s numerous sandstone folds, named […]

  • Two Pictograph Sites in Southern Utah

    There are literally thousands of petroglyph and pictograph sites in the Four Corners area.  I just revisited two of them this last weekend.  One painted on the roof and wall of an alcove overlooking a small canyon bottom; the other painted on the interior wall of a little circular room in a small cliff dwelling.  It had […]

  • Missing the Desert or “A Moab Rock-Art Tour”!

    Around this time last year we were in Moab taking in the local rock art “scene” with our Moabite friend, Ginny. She showed us her favorite sites and I introduced her to a collection of petroglyphs and pictographs at the base of the Book Cliffs, north of Moab. We started out by driving north..

  • The Procession Panel

    Last month we took a quick trip down to do some exploring on Comb Ridge, in San Juan County, Utah. The Comb is a geological “wonder” extending north to south, over 160 kilometers in southern Utah and northern Arizona. My goal for this trip was the Procession Panel..

  • Leaving Las Vegas….

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park, two great alternatives to the Vegas spectacle, complete with Archaic and Basketmaker rock art, and prehistoric agave roasting pits!