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  • Today’s Photo: Hand print in Butler Wash

    Handprint Hand-print located in “Ballroom Cave”, Butler Wash, San Juan County, Utah.

  • Pining for Chaco Canyon

    Situated in a dry, isolated canyon in northeastern New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historic Park is both a destination for those seeking solitude (unlike other, more “accessible” National Parks, according to the NPS Chaco only sees around 45,000 visitors annually) and a place to delve into the early history of the Four Corners region. Beginning […]

  • Two Pictograph Sites in Southern Utah

    There are literally thousands of petroglyph and pictograph sites in the Four Corners area.  I just revisited two of them this last weekend.  One painted on the roof and wall of an alcove overlooking a small canyon bottom; the other painted on the interior wall of a little circular room in a small cliff dwelling.  It had […]

  • Horseshoe Canyon aka. Barrier Canyon: My visit with the Holy Ghost.

    Horseshoe Canyon–also commonly referred to as Barrier Canyon–is part of Canyonlands National Park.  It lies between the San Rafael Swell to the west and the Green River to the east, in southern Utah.  In addition to it’s beauty and solitude Barrier Canyon offers some of the more spectacular rock art to be found–anywhere.  While the drive out to […]

  • Leaving Las Vegas….

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park, two great alternatives to the Vegas spectacle, complete with Archaic and Basketmaker rock art, and prehistoric agave roasting pits!