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  • Blogging Pompeii: More from the Jashemski Archives …… and a query

    More from the Jashemski Archives …… and a queryWe are progressing through adding the Stanley A. Jashemski photos to pompeiiinpictures.There are now just over 400 spread across pompeiiinpictures and we are only up to 1964.Here are some of Stanley’s photos of the House of Fabius Rufus from 1961 and 1964.We hope the comparison with some […]

  • Photo of the Day: Roman Forum in Pompeii

  • Today’s Photo: Mosaic in Pompeii

  • Today’s Photo: Amphorae in Pompeii

    Amphorae in a garum factory in Pompeii These amphorae were cleaned and stacked in the corner, waiting be filled with fish sauce, when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.  Needless to say, the fish sauce deliveries for that week were “delayed.”

  • The Basilica of Pompeii

    In the ancient Roman world “Basilicas” were large public buildings that served as business centers, as well as law courts.  This basilica is located off of the Forum in Pompeii, Italy.  If you visit the ancient city of Pompeii, and enter via the Porta Marina gate, the Basilica is at the top of the hill, […]

  • Amphora in Pompeii

    Still partially encased in volcanic material from the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, this amphora is tucked in the corner of a small garden in Pompeii, Italy.

  • A sweaty morning in the Forum

    Our first order of business today was a tour of the Roman Forum with Professor John Dobbins from the University of Virginia. He has spent many years researching every inch (visible and non) of this very large and important civic space and his tour is one of my favorite aspects of this project. Today he […]

  • No more eggplant…

    They are trying to kill me. Huge piles of eggplant, two nights in a row. The only problem being: I detest the eggplant. Never have been able to eat eggplant. It ranks up there with mushrooms and okra–icky. I’m just trying to clarify–I do not enjoy eggplant. As for the rest of today, everything up […]

  • A week in Pompeii, and the weekend…

    We started and ended Friday working in the Villa of Octavius Quartio: near the far end of the Abbondanza, with a very large garden complete with an ornamental canal. Again, we were working around the tourists, who seemed determined to walk in front of the cameras, step on the measuring tapes and kick around the […]

  • Ancient Roman Restaurants, Taverns and Inns

    Today felt quite productive–at least for my team.  After a group tour and lesson on the finer habits of Roman hygiene, courtesy of Mary Meir, we were temporarily delayed by a really nice bakery that lay between us and our first work area. Once we were able to pull ourselves out of the bakery, our […]

  • Gardens, Fugitives, Lapili and Dolia

    Today started with ALL of us heading into the Garden of the Fugitives, after it was decided that only a “few” of us should go in, because it’s not clear if our permit allows us to go in at all.  No one yelled at us, nothing was damaged, so no harm no foul.  One small […]

  • Day 2 in Pompeii

    Hmm, we had hoped at the cl0se of the workday, yesterday, that today would run a bit smoother.  Well, we were off to another “slow” start.  The drawing team did not get it’s first assignment until after 10:30.  Apparently, the neighborhood where we’re working contains a lot of ambiguous spaces: see below. We started out […]

  • A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

    A day in an ancient Roman lamp factory

    While it took a while to get started today–the PI’s spent several hours discussing the various attributes of the structure–we began and ended our day working in an ancient lamp factory, adjacent gardens and shop. My team (Anne and Joseph) are great! This is their first time to Pompeii and I very much enjoyed watching […]

  • In Roma…

    In Roma…

    We survived our flight, noisy students and mediocre in-flight service aside.  When the airline asks you for feedback on your travel experience, do you think they REALLY mean that?  Anyway… Wednesday is mostly a blur.  We checked into our room at Trinity B&B: Huge room, very clean, a working fridge, free air-conditioning and they let […]

  • New Adventures!

    For the next 2 1/2 weeks I’ll be posting from Roma and then Pompeii!  I am returning for a third year to work with the Pompeii Food and Drink Project in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.   After a few days of sightseeing in and around Rome, we’ll be in Pompeii for 2 full weeks.  […]