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Ancient Roman Restaurants, Taverns and Inns

Today felt quite productive–at least for my team.  After a group tour and lesson on the finer habits of Roman hygiene, courtesy of Mary Meir, we were temporarily delayed by a really nice bakery that lay between us and our … Continue reading

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Ostia Antica…

Wow!  The summer the trains heading out of Rome for the beach, are packed!  Unfortunately, Ostia Antica (the ancient port town at the mouth of the Tiber) lies 3 stops on the line before you get to the beach.  Luckily, … Continue reading

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Isis, cows and Lemonsoda

Today we started off in the House of Successus. There’s a large thermopolium in front and, once again, the professori feel that at one point this house was converted to a restaurant. I was dictating notes for Dr Curtis and a couple walked up, listened in a bit and said “that’s not what the guidebook says”. Everyone thought that was just funny… Continue reading

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