Week One is Done!

We have completed the first week of the 2022 season, and are beginning week two! Our first week on site consisted of removing all of the lapilli/overburden, some in situ, some previous fill. At one point, we were averaging 300 buckets an hour, weighing around 12-15 pounds each. Best upper body workout you could ask for.

On Friday afternoon, we passed the last bucket of lapilli, swept the surface of the “Eruption Day” level clean, and headed home.

Saturday morning saw us caravanning up to Napoli, to explore the National Archaeological Museum. After that, we headed into the historic center and consumed the best pizza in all of southern Italy: Pizzeria Trianon. If you like Pizza Napoletana, I highly recommend it.

Sunday was our free day — some headed to Sorrento and the beach, I wandered around Pompeii for a few hours, then went to the store for some necessities. It was way too hot to wait for the beach crew to get back, and ride home with them, so I took a cab. My driver was very confused as to why we were staying so far away, and in such a boring area. It really is out in the middle of nowhere here, but it is what it is.

Today, we began proper excavation, with measured levels, screens and trowels. So far, we’re finding lots of potsherds, animal bone fragments and a bit of glass. No coins, yet….